Programa Compensación CO2 & Reciclaje

Colabora y participa de nuesro programa de compensación de CO2 y reciclaje. Nuestra alianza y compromiso con las metas y objetivos para un desarrollo sostenible son claves para la regeneración climática.

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Certificate Partner in climate action

Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

SDG 3 · Good Health and Well-Being

The project provides health services to the local community including primary healthcare, dental, eye and COVID-19 related services with a Mobile Health Clinic. So far, 35,251 people have been screened.

SDG 4 · Quality Education

The project supports a math enrichment programme for pupils in 10 primary and 4 high schools to and encourage interest in this subject. Three Early Childhood Development Centres were renovated to support about 155 children between 2 and
6. About 108 students are currently on the project’s bursary scheme that covers tuition, accommodation, books, food, and laptops.

SDG 7 · Affordable and Clean Energy

The project provides 439,600 MWh of clean electricity to the grid per year.

Project standard
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Wind energy

De Aar, South Africa

Estimated annual emission reductions
433,929 t CO2e

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This certificate confirms the offset
of carbon emissions by additional
carbon offset projects.

CO2-equivalents 24 kg

Supported offset project

Wind energy De Aar
South Africa

ClimatePartner-ID 10170-2304-2530

Issued on 20.04.2023

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